Hearing Planned on Proposed Nursing Care Facility To Be Built on Sierra Bonita Ave.

Deja Vu? Circa 2012 when neighbors were up in arms about a 5000 sq. foot facility proposed for Sierra Bonita Avenue only to be voted down by the city of Los Angeles. Here we go again. Michael Gamburd, believed to be owner of Raya’s Paradise, Inc. is back now proposing to build a 3400 sq ft facility to be located at the same address as in his 2012 proposal (see L.A. Times story here) 846-848 Sierra Bonita Ave. Click Here for Street View. A public hearing notice recently went out to neighbors living within a 500 foot radius of the proposed development. The hearing is set for Wednesday May 28th at 12:00 Noon at Los Angeles City Hall – for map to hearing location Click Here

The public notice states: “The construction, use, and maintenance of a one-story, 3415 square-foot eldercare facility with 12 subterranean parking spaces on a 6512 sq. foot site in the R2-1XL Zone. The proposed facility will be omprised of eight guest rooms for 11 people, 62 years of age or older, and will function as an assisted living Alheimer’s/Dementia care facility. An existing duplex will be demolished as part of the project”..

69795314-1-1What the notice doesn’t tell you is that public records show that Mr. Gamburd already owns the property adjacent to this proposal and recently converted it to what appears to be some sort of care facility as well. Gamburd also owns and operates a Raya’s Paradise facility directly behind these properties and it’s located at 849-851 N. Gardner Street (See Map Click Here) Public records also show that Mr. Gamburd owns another property at 859 N. Gardner St. (See Map Click Here). A growing contingent of neighbors are expressing outrage overthis latest proposal and say that these facilities are nothing more than for-profit 24 hour business operations that ultimately ruin the neighborhood’s character and will only add to more nuisances like traffic, an already maxed-out street parking problem, and emergency services vehicles racing in and out the neighborhood. Some neighbors like the idea of more housing for the elderly and cite recent studies that indicate the elder population as growing and there being a genuine lack of housing, therefore these facilities will fill that void. Opponents counter that argument saying that the Melrose area already has a disproportionate amount of “care” facilities as outlined in this map published by the L.A. Times back in 2012 about this very issue. What’s your opinion? Post your comments below. Please vote in our poll here. Share this story with your neighbors by scrolling down to the “share” menu button below.


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