Neighborhood Meeting Concerning Mega Mansions Announced

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Scores of homes in and around our area are being bought up by developers and then torn down to make way for new houses — what many call Mega Mansions or Mc Mansions.  Teams of realtors that represent these developers knock on doors, leave letters and flyers offering cash for owners to sell their homes and fast for quick cash.

Realtors tell us that the land value for a 6000 sq ft. “lot”  around the Melrose Area is running about $1.2 million. We say “lot” because these developers have no use for the older homes at all.  The houses being built to replace the older homes go on the real estate market for about $2.6 to $3.5 million or higher even.  Streets such as the 700 N. Block of Vista Street just north of Melrose are seeing 3 -4 new homes being built on that one block alone.  This is not just endemic of our area.

Many neighbors are outraged by the size and scope of these new houses and are demanding they be stopped or at least scaled down to a size that better fits the area we live in. Not every neighbor is against these new houses however.  Some say that they are improving the neighborhood, raising property values, bringing in more tax revenue to the city and county, and finally offering change to an area that has been stagnant for 50 years or more.  Opponents say that these developers could care less about the giant houses they build saying it’s all about greed and that they use loopholes in building codes to construct the biggest house on the most squarefootage possible and profiting handsomely and care nothing about improving the neighborhood. Proponents say that these “Mega Mansions” bring needed change and upgrades to our area. The debate is on!

Melrose Action has set a “Meeting on Mansionization” to be held this Wednesday December 10th at 7:30 PM at Poinsettia Park Recreation Center in the Big Gym.  Click here for Map Location . Officials from the City Of Los Angeles will be there.  If you have an opinion on this matter, for or against them —  you are encouraged to attend.  The flyer for this meeting can be downloaded here.  Please help get the word out.  Repost to your Facebook, Twitter pages and tell your neighbors!

Parking Restrictions Relaxed For the Meeting

Council Member Paul Koretz has relaxed Parking Restrictions in the area around the meeting. The times of the lifted restrictions are from 5 PM – 9 PM ONLY on Wednesday December 10th, 2014.  What this means is that the area from La Brea Avenue west to Stanley Avenue (including Stanley Avenue), and Melrose Avenue north to the West Hollywood border you will be able to park in Preferential Parking District / Permit parking spaces, Passenger or School Bus Loading Zones (White Curb), Street Cleaning, Time Limit Restricted Parking (e.g. “2 Hour Parking”), and Time of Day Restrictions (e.g. “No Parking 10am – 12pm’) without being ticketed.  You will NOT be need to have a parking permit in the those areas within the designated zone listed above to park on a street with parking permit requirements. To be clear, this is only good on Wednesday December 10th, 2014 from 5 PM – 9 PM ONLY.  Thanks to Council member Paul Koretz and staff for arranging this.


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