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Area Video Crime Report 8/02 – 8/09/2014

Click the window above to see Area Crime Report Video.

Here is the latest LAPD Wilshire Area Crime Report for week ending 08/09/2014. There were 7 crimes reported this week.


We had two home Burglaries – One occurring on 300 N. Kings Rd just south of Oakwood and the other on 900 N Orlando and Willoughby…

BTFV (3) Burglary Theft from Vehicle

500 N. Hayworth Avenue  - Wednesday – 8/06/2014

Beverly and Hayworth – Saturday – 8/09/2014

700 N. Alta Vista Street – Thursday – 8/07/2014


As seen in Area Crime Report Video – Clinton and Sierra Bonita – Tuesday 6/17/2014 – Susp approached victim with a handgun and demanded property. Susp took electronic device and waist bag.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (1)

600 Blk. of N. Curson Wednesday 8/09/2014


Theft – Melrose Avenue at Edinburgh –  Tuesday 08/5/2014

To see this weeks crime map, click here

If you have any information about these crimes, please call the L.A.P.D. Wilshire Detectives Desk at (213) 922-8263

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BREAKING: Dead Body Discovered in Parking Lot on 300 N Blk of Fairfax

We just received word that a body has been discovered in the parking lot next to Canter’s Deli... Not known yet if a homicide, suicide, or…. more later… Updates on our Twitter feed at

UPDATE: LAPD Wilshire now says that body discovered in the parking lot adjacent to Canter’s Deli Update: Adjacent to Plan Check Restaurant on Fairfax may have been a local known transient, apparently may have fallen and hit head etc… more later. Found in the 300 N. Block of Fairfax…
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.54.58 PM

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Free Neighborhood Event – National Night Out Coming Up Tuesday August 5th!

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Station and Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch bring you our 7th Annual National Night Out at Poinsettia Park!  It’s Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at Poinsettia Park (Located Here) from 5pm-8pm. It’s free and all are welcomed!!

• Blu Jam Cafe (Melrose)
• Plan Check (Fairfax)
• Village Idiot (Melrose)
• Hutchinson Cocktails and Grill (Opening This Fall On La Cienega)
• The Oinkster! (On Vine)
• Glow Bio (Balanced Inside Out) – By Kimberly Synder
• Bird N Hand (On Fairfax)
• Blaze Pizza (Farmers Market Grove)
• Eric Greenspans Grilled Cheese (Melrose)
• Just Food For Dogs (Fairfax)
• Pinks Hot Dogs (La Brea)
• Trader Joes West Hollywood
• Free Trees!
• Pet Adoption
• JQ Yoga by Johanna Quintero
• Tailwaggers
• Mid City West
• LAPD Wilshire
• LAPD West Traffic
• Melrose Business Improvement District
• Los Angeles Neighborhood Prosecutor Program
• Wilshire Community Police Council
• Target Stores (City Target – Beverly Connection)
• Live DJ Frank Marvel – Marvel Productions
• Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch
• and more to come! Surprise guests!

All items for giveaway are on a first come, first serve basis. All our supporters graciously donate their time and products and we thank them all for their support and efforts!

For more information on National Night Out, please click here

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New Construction Lifts Home Prices, Property Values Continue To Rise

RealEstateBy Joan Fitzpatrick
Area Real Estate Agent

Summer is here and so is our brand new monthly real estate update for the Melrose/Fairfax/Beverly Corridor. I’m thrilled to be writing this new feature for Melrose Action and look forward to sharing more great information in future editions.  Look for my updates around the 1st of each month.

Times are changing…It used to be that west of Fairfax was a highly desirable area to buy a home, but no longer. Current trends are showing that east of Fairfax is really starting to flourish with new restaurants, shops, and new construction. As you are probably aware, there are a number of properties being acquired for re-construction of brand new homes. Currently, there are 20 or more new construction sites around the area and at least five or more remodels underway. In my experience, these new homes will greatly improve the area over time and lift land values overall. These rebuilds are replacing homes that, in many instances, are badly in need of repair and have, in fact, hurt overall home prices rather than help them.

New construction has added $300,000 to $400,000 more for land value alone. It is a huge windfall for the home owners, and unexpected. Builders are paying $1,150,000 – $1,300,000 for land value alone, unprecedented in our area. While some have expressed distaste for the modern architectural lines used in design of some of the new homes, there are some that include a california spanish style as well. These new homes will likely sell for between $2.5 – $3.0 million dollars!! Overall I think the abundance of newly constructed homes will be a long term positive for real estate values and the area in general.

Here’s some data from recently sold homes from January to June 2014. Please note there have been some sold homes not on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). I’d also like to point out that there are many homes now in escrow and are not listed here.

AddressSale PriceBed+BathLot SizeDate Sale
832 N Sierra Bonita$1,222,0003+2 6300 lotSold 6/9/14
823 N Gardner $1,150,0003+2 6503 lotSold 5/16/14
733 N Gardner $1,300,0003+2 6500 lotSold 5/12/14
732 N Fuller $1,291,8753+2 7400 lotSold 5/1/14
720 N Alta Vista Bl $1,190,0004+27699 lotSold 3/26/14
717 N Sierra Bonita $1,239,0003+2 5200 lotSold 4/30/14
642 N Laurel $2,500,0004+5 6531 lotSold 3/31/1
621 N La Jolla $2,965,0004+46549 lotSold 3/7/14
617 N Fuller $3,000,0005+68231 lotSold 1/10/1
607 N Curson $1,280,0002+2 6500 lotSold 5/28/14
560 N Orlando $1,100,0003+25749 lotSold 3/17/14
538 N Harper $2,495,0004+44855 lotSold 3/10/14
514 N Flores $1,218,5003+24587 lotSold 3/7/14
453 N Sweetzer $2,360,0005+5.55855 loSold 4/20/14
414 N La Jolla $2,550,0004+6 6587 lotSold 3/5/14
410 N Alfred $1,899,0004+46965 lotSold 3/24/14
141 N Gardner $1,610,0003+2 5984 lotSold 1/14/14
127 N Gardner $1,340,0003+4 5984 lotSold 2/27/14
122 N Alta Vista Bl $1,789,0003+2 7699 lotSold 2/14/14
AddressList PriceBed+BathLot SizeNew Construction
360 N Harper$2,950,0004+46145Yes
419 N Laurel$2,395,0006+66553
854 N Orlando$4,495,0003+412432Yes
316 N La Jolla$1,195,0002+ 26549
901 N Laurel$2,749,0005+66602Yes
7658 Willoughby$672,5002+12543
823 N Vista$1,4450007+46204
750 N Fuller$1,149,0003+24400
843 N Genesee$2,600,0004+46500Yes

A brand-new 9 unit apartment building just finished construction at 843 N Fuller Avenue and has just been listed for sale at $6,250,0009. The rental units are offered from $3250 for 2 beds and $4,000 for 3 beds.

Some of you may have heard that a BID (Business Improvement District) has been formed along Melrose Avenue between Fairfax Av and Highland Av. This is a positive for the area and will go a long way in building towards a higher level of retail establishments, hence improving the desirability of the area and property values along with it.

On another note I know many of you are wonderful pet owners like myself. The area of Melrose Village is becoming a popular name for a very walkable, dog friendly area. If you have a pet and are looking for pet friendly apartment space you might try the building at 1030 N. Curson. It allows dogs, and so many pet owners live there. My heart breaks when I hear that so many people have to give up their pets because places of residence won’t allow pets. I think the trend is moving towards more pet friendly living spaces because they don’t do any harm at all, and I speak from experience, as I have rented out my duplex to dog and cat owners for the last 12 years.

Lost and Found: I recently rescued two tiny 1 lb. kittens that were so sick. One lost her eye. The vet bills are no fun, but if it means saving the poor babies and taking them out of their misery – starving on the street, how can we not? They are now fostered, thanks to Eryn Elliot and her quick response in helping me with the rescue. If you are looking for a cat or kitten, please let me know.

Are you curious about income properties in the area? Look for more in our next month’s post along with updates to listings and sales.

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Area Crime Report 6/15 – 6/21/2014

Click the window above to see Area Crime Report Video.

Here is the latest LAPD Wilshire Area Crime Report for week ending 6/21/2014. There were 12 crimes reported this week, up from 8 last week.


7600 Blk of Beverly Blvd. – Friday, June 20 – 11:30p – Susp entered business through rear door and removed a safe.
8400 Blk of Beverly Blvd.  – Monday, June 16 – 8:45p – Susp smashed front window of business and removed food items

BTFV (2) Burglary Theft from Vehicle

900 Blk. of N. Alfred St Tuesday 6/17/2014 – Susp smashed window and removed items
300 Bld. of Kings Rd. – Tuesday 6/17/2014 – Susp smashed window and stole computer,money


As seen in Area Crime Report Video – Clinton and Sierra Bonita – Tuesday 6/17/2014 – Susp approached victim with a handgun and demanded property. Susp took electronic device and waist bag.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (1)

300 N. Hayworth Avenue – Wednesday June 18th 8pm – Susp stole Toyota Prius


7900 Bevelry Blvd  – Monday June 16th – 3:00p – Sus removed wallet from victims purse
8200 Beverly Blvd – Tuesday June 17th – 3:00a – Susp entered office and removed computer
8400 Melrose Ave – Thursday June 19th -11:00p – Susp removed Oven from parking lot
600 N. Laurel Ave – Monday June 16th – 3:00p – Susp removed trash container from construction site.
7300 Willoughby – Friday, June 20th – 3:00p – Susp removed cellphone which victim placed on a nearby bench.

To see this weeks crime map, click here

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Area Crime Report 06/01 – 6/07/2014

The following crime trends are from 6/1/14 to 6/7/14, which included a total of 10 reported crimes.

Burglary/Theft from Motor Vehicle:

On 6/2/14 between approximately 5:45 pm and 8:30 am the next day, a BFMV occurred in the 800 block of N La Jolla Ave. An unknown suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle by unknown means and removed a cellphone, keys, and instruments. The suspect attempted to start the vehicle and fled.

On 6/5/14 between approximately 9:30 pm and 9:30 am the next day, a BFMV occurred in the 700 block of N Sweetzer Rd. An unknown suspect smashed a window of the victim’s and removed electronic equipment.

On 6/5/14 between approximately 11:30 am and 10:00 am the next day, a BFMV occurred in the 600 block of N Hayworth Ave. An unknown suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle by unknown meansand removed computer equipment.

Reminder: Don’t Be a Victim of An Auto -Related Property Crime! LOCK IT- A reminder to always lock your vehicle. HIDE IT- If you must leave valuables in the vehicle, hide them from plain sight. KEEP IT- A positive reminder that personal responsibility can safeguard your valuables from theft.
The Top Items Stolen from Vehicles: GPS Devices, Cell Phones/ Chargers, Money, Stereos/ Radios, Documents, Mail and Check books.


On 6/5/14 between approximately 10:00 am and 7:30 pm, a residential burglary occurred in the 700 block of N Alta Vista Blvd. Unknown suspects gained entry through the front door of the victim’s residence, ransacked the location, and removed a laptop, television, and radio.

On 6/6/14 between approximately 4:30 pm and 5:20 pm, a residential burglary occurred in the 300 block of N Crescent Heights Blvd. Unknown suspects gained entry through a side window of the victim’s residence, ransacked the location, and removed computer equipment.

On 6/5/14 between approximately 10:00 pm and 7:30 am, a residential burglary occurred in the 400 block of N Crescent Heights Blvd. Unknown suspects gained entry through the front door of the victim’s residence and fled.

Grand Theft Auto:

On 06/1/14 between approximately 11:30 pm and 8:00 am the next day, a gray 2004 Chevy Silverado was stolen near the intersection of Romaine St and Croft Ave.


On 06/7/14 at approximately 8:10 pm, a robbery occurred in the 400 block of N Fairfax Ave. The suspect approached the victim and began stabbing the victim in the neck with an unknown sharp object. The suspect demanded the victim’s property. The victim gave the suspect his cellphone in fear and the suspect fled. The suspect was described as male, other ethnicity, brown hair, brown eyes, 5’07″ tall, between 170 and 180 pounds, between 40 and 49 years old, and had a round face.


2 thefts occurred during this reporting period.

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Movietown Plaza is No More. Avalon is What’s Next…Trader Joe’s Back?


The former location of Trader Joes at the Movietown Plaza located at the corner of Fuller Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd is now gone for good. UPDATE: Traders Joe’s has officially signed a lease to open a brand new store at this location.  Construction will start soon.  Huge project — expect traffic disruptions and added congestion along Santa Monica Blvd. Demolition crews finished cleaning out the final remnants of this 50′s era shopping centre that once housed a Boy’s Market (before Trader Joe’s) a Sav-on Pharmacy right next door and  the Yukon Mining Company Coffee Shop among other small businesses.. ..The question of the hour.. Is Trader Joe’s coming back?  Will they wait 2 years before they reopen in this area?  Now with the loss of their 3rd street and La Brea’s location overflow parking lot, we hear rumblings that they might be looking at space in some of the recently completed developments at La Brea and Santa Monica Bl or Fountain at La Brea… The same architects behind this project were responsible for the Caruso “8500″ Development at the intersection of San Vicente and La Cienega Blvds (coincidently houses another Trader Joes) The plan is for 371 apartments to be built on the site with room for a 40,000 sq ft. market space and other retail.(Sprouts Market is going into the La Brea Gateway Development now under construction at La Brea/Willoughby) Project includes underground parking and will rise 5 stories tall over Santa Monica Blvd when finished… Here’s a look at what’s coming to the site in about 2 years or so…


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Bird N Hand Serves Up Fried Chicken Sandwiches And More On Fairfax

birdandhandFAIRFAX  Just South of Oakwood—Bird N Hand is a brand new fried chicken place that opened just recently on Fairfax just south of the popular Plan Check…Adel Chagar is behind this new spot (formally Chameau) If you are a fried chicken sandwich craver you should stop by and taste the Harissa Wings or the Tall Bun Chicken Sandwich… From Yelp..”Adel Chagar was the chef behind the popular Moroccan restaurant Chameau, which never dipped below a 28 food rating in Zagat in its nine years in Los Angeles. He’s decided to take on something new with Bird N Hand, bringing a fun, laid back vibe to the ever changing Fairfax district. Don’t let the menu fool you. The simplicity of fried chicken, wings and waffles doesn’t hold Chagar back from innovating and creating unique, strong and delicious flavors.”

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Is Starbucks Behind New La Boulange Eatery Set To Open On La Brea?

Yep, Northern California favorite La Boulange Bakery is primed to open its doors as a hybrid bakery/restaurant soon at 359 S. La Brea Avenue -

Starbucks acquired the San Francisco bakery chain La Boulange Bakery in 2012, on June 12 will open its first Los Angeles location on La Brea (more are planned of course) Unlike its bakeries (local competitors like Le Pain Quotidien and the newly opened La Brea Bakery) which close by about 7 p.m or so – the La Boulange restaurant will serve dinner up until 10 p.m. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, and omelets and adds such later-in-the-day options as croissant burgers, cocktails, and you guessed it… beer, and wine. It’s easy to see why Starbucks wants to enter the L.A. dinner market.  The  coffee cafe chain largely loses its audience  to competitors such as Panera Bread (no locations around here –yet), which racks up something like 22 percent of its sales during dinner service hours. Starbucks has already announced an “Evenings” menu at its own branded cafes–and will no doubt try to apply any lessons to its new restaurant here.

Check it out – click here for more info… La BoulangeIMG_8304

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Blaze Pizza Opens Farmers Market Location

Not exactly at the Farmers Market but close. Another “build your own pizza with all the toppings you want on it” concept opened its doors at the Farmers Market adjacent complex on Fairfax Avenue just north of 3rd street. Blaze “fast fired” Pizza is the first of these new build your own pizza concepts expanding all over America. A pizza made to your liking will set you back just $7.95 for regular crust and a little more for gluten free.  I tried it and think they are actually pretty decent and definitely worth the price of admission. In Los Angeles proper, 800 Degrees Pizza in Westwood was first to market a Subway Sandwich type build-your-own concept for pizzas. I wouldn’t say these new fast casuals are genius but you gotta ask what took so long for someone to branch away from made to order sandwiches..Chipotle is king of made to order burritos, will Blaze get the pizza crown or will it be …For the exact location click here. For more info on Blaze Pizza click here


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Hearing Planned on Proposed Nursing Care Facility To Be Built on Sierra Bonita Ave.

Deja Vu? Circa 2012 when neighbors were up in arms about a 5000 sq. foot facility proposed for Sierra Bonita Avenue only to be voted down by the city of Los Angeles. Here we go again. Michael Gamburd, believed to be owner of Raya’s Paradise, Inc. is back now proposing to build a 3400 sq ft facility to be located at the same address as in his 2012 proposal (see L.A. Times story here) 846-848 Sierra Bonita Ave. Click Here for Street View. A public hearing notice recently went out to neighbors living within a 500 foot radius of the proposed development. The hearing is set for Wednesday May 28th at 12:00 Noon at Los Angeles City Hall – for map to hearing location Click Here

The public notice states: “The construction, use, and maintenance of a one-story, 3415 square-foot eldercare facility with 12 subterranean parking spaces on a 6512 sq. foot site in the R2-1XL Zone. The proposed facility will be omprised of eight guest rooms for 11 people, 62 years of age or older, and will function as an assisted living Alheimer’s/Dementia care facility. An existing duplex will be demolished as part of the project”..

69795314-1-1What the notice doesn’t tell you is that public records show that Mr. Gamburd already owns the property adjacent to this proposal and recently converted it to what appears to be some sort of care facility as well. Gamburd also owns and operates a Raya’s Paradise facility directly behind these properties and it’s located at 849-851 N. Gardner Street (See Map Click Here) Public records also show that Mr. Gamburd owns another property at 859 N. Gardner St. (See Map Click Here). A growing contingent of neighbors are expressing outrage overthis latest proposal and say that these facilities are nothing more than for-profit 24 hour business operations that ultimately ruin the neighborhood’s character and will only add to more nuisances like traffic, an already maxed-out street parking problem, and emergency services vehicles racing in and out the neighborhood. Some neighbors like the idea of more housing for the elderly and cite recent studies that indicate the elder population as growing and there being a genuine lack of housing, therefore these facilities will fill that void. Opponents counter that argument saying that the Melrose area already has a disproportionate amount of “care” facilities as outlined in this map published by the L.A. Times back in 2012 about this very issue. What’s your opinion? Post your comments below. Please vote in our poll here. Share this story with your neighbors by scrolling down to the “share” menu button below.


Do You Support More 24-Hour Care Facilities In Our Area?

View Results

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Construction begins on La Brea Gateway – Sprouts Market to be a tenant

Have to say this looks pretty interesting.   Check it out.

From Building Los Angeles

“After years of delay, Hollywood’s controversial La Brea Gateway is finally pushing dirt. Located at the northwest corner of La Brea and Willoughby Avenues, the mixed-use development will create 179 apartment units and a 33,500 square foot Sprouts Farmers Market. Designed byVan Tilburg, Banyard & Soderbergh, the five-story building will feature parking accommodations for 463 automobiles and 231 bicycles in an subterranean garage.

photo_lg_1Located at 915 North La Brea Avenue (at the corner of Willoughby and La Brea),the project is being developed by Holland Residential, a subsidiary of the Vancouver-based Holland Partner Group. La Brea Gateway has existed in one form or another since 2005, when it was first envisioned as a seven-story, 219 unit building.That slightly larger version of project, proposed by the Martin Group, drew the ire of an especially vocal group of neighbors ho successfully negotiated the planned building down to its current size. Three years later, work is finally underway, with an estimated completion date of November 2015.


NIMBY haircuts aside, Holland Residential’s project is really just one example of a broader trend for La Brea Avenue. Historically considered a commercial boulevard, a recent uptick in mixed-use contruction has added over 1000 residential units along the 2.7 mile stretch of La Brea in-between Wilshire and Hollywood Boulevards. The City of West Hollywood has been particularly active in this regard, having recently opened several new residential-retail developments north of Santa Monica Boulevard. The construction boom is also evident further south, near the Miracle Mile, where mixed-use developments are popping up left and right in advance of the coming Purple Line extension.”



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Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network Moves to The Lot Studios on Formosa


Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Television Network to anchor new space at The Lot Studios

The headquarters for Oprah Winfrey’s television network joins the comedy website “Funny or Die” in the newly constructed Formosa South office tower at The Lot Studios in West Hollywood.

The Oprah Winfrey Network, now based in Los Angeles, plans to move into its new headquarters before the end of this year — an OWN Network spokesman told the Hollywood Reporter.  Relocating to the former site once called the Warner Hollywood Studios – The Lot gives the fledging OWN Network access to on-the-lot production facilities, something they’ve been wanting since the deal fell through to occupy a once rumored build-to-suit studio and office complex at
959 Seward St.  The Lot Studio sits on 11 acres with seven classic sound stages, it’s own modern commissary, old historic office buildings and plenty of postproduction facilities.

More modern office space is planned at The Lot, said Shaul Kuba, founding principal of CIM Group, owner of the property.. Years ago the CIM group revealed plans that where once ok’d by the city of West Hollywood to significantly build up The Lot by tearing down old and antiquated office space. Apparently those plans were overly ambitious and word is that although CIM will continue to develop the property the size and scoop of it’s plans have been pared down.

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Suicide Incident at Waring Av. and Vista St.


LAPD Wilshire tells us that a man in his 70′s tried to take his own life near the corner of Waring Avenue and Vista St. on  Sunday, April 27 at around 12 noon.  A passerby discovered the victim covered in blood  laying in the grass adjacent to the curb on the southeast corner of Waring Avenue.  It appeared from witnesses at the scene that he had severe cuts to his neck and possibly his wrist area. LAFD paramedics tried to revive him at the scene and then transported him to Cedars Sinai where he was pronounced dead.

LAPD sources say the man was not a transient but would not immediately disclose where he resided. Several neighbors claim the victim was a resident of the area, but this has not been confirmed.

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Melrose Area Crime Map – Week Ending 03/29/2014


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Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese Opens

World famous Chef/Entrepreneur Eric Greenspan launched his next new “baby” (besides very recently welcoming a real baby) “Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese” has finally opened it’s doors along Melrose Avenue.  Situated between Gardner and Vista St., Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese promises everything from a traditional american grilled cheese to the a-mazing “Buffalo Blue” sandwich or build your own(the “in” thing in fast casual)

Throw in some of the city’s best fries (yeah we like them fries right up there next to The Oinkster and Grill Em’ All) and delicious Latke bites served with apple crème fraiche and this place shines nicely. Sandwiches, soup, salads, desserts, seltzer drinks etc. etc.  We love this place. For more on Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese MenuClick Heregreenspan3greenspan2

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Orchard Supply Hardware Opens at La Brea and 4th Street

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) opened a brand-new flagship store this past week at the corner of La Brea Avenue and 4th. The 31,000-square-foot store is packed full of tons of home improvement items and a 4,000 outdoor garden and nursery space. To locate Orchard Supply Hardware on La Brea CLICK HERE (MAP). For more information on Orchard Supply Hardware CLICK HERE

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Suspect Arrested in 2012 Murder Mystery


From WEHO NEWS….Mexican media is reporting that the police have arrested the main homicide suspect in connection with the killing of Steve John Simmons, whose body was found on the border of West Hollywood in an advanced stage of decomposition in his half-brother’s car. The owner of that Escalade, Jacob Ryan Anthonisen, 38 years old, was captured in late October, 2013 in Ensenada by agents of the Mexican State Preventive Police (PEP) as the main suspect in the murder.
He was transferred to Costa Mesa to stand trial for burglary along with fellow suspects Brent Anthony Buckner and Jonathon Thomas White.


Jacob Ryan Anthonisen, 38 years old, was captured in late October, 2013 in Ensenada by agents of the Mexican State Preventive Police (PEP) as the main suspect in the murder of his half brother, Steven John Simmons (Atkins).

Jacob Ryan Anthonisen, 38 years old, was captured in late October, 2013 in Ensenada by agents of the Mexican State Preventive Police (PEP) as the main suspect in the murder of his half brother, Steven John Simmons (Atkins).
Mr. Simmons’ badly decomposed body was discovered on Saturday, June 9, near Willoughby Avenue and North Genesee Avenue in the Fairfax district across the street from West Hollywood.
Steven John Simmons, also know
n as Steven Simmons Atkin, died of a gunshot wound to the chest and was left in a Cadillac SUV on the WeHo/LA border.
The body was so badly decomposed that the coroner’s office found it difficult to identify the remains at first, indicating that the corpse had been wrapped in the blanket in the back of the Cadillac SUV in which it was found for some time.
Coroner’s records showed that the victim die from a gunshot wound to the chest.
Subsequent investigation by LAPD Homicide detectives discovered that the SUV belonged to Jacob Anthonisen, Mr. Simmons’ stepbrother.
Mr. Anthonisen had last been heard from over a week before the discovery of the corpse.
According to the criminal cmplaint, the trio attempted to burglarize the home of Michael L. on May 28, 2012, and “secreted a motorcycle belonging to homicide victim Steven A. (Atkins) with the specific intent to obstruct ongoing police investigation into the burglary and attempted a residential robbery and homicide which took place on May 30, 2012, in Costa Mesa.”
Steven John Simmons was last known to have lived in Running Springs, a small community next to Big Bear.
Mr. Anthonisen was a Hollywood/West Hollywood denizen who owned the Peanut Gallery, an art gallery with a presence in Los Angeles and New York.
Mr. Anthonisen presented himself on Facebook and Twitter as a man about town posting Instagram photos of Lindsay Lohan and pop artist Mickey Avalon and, in another picture, with Mike Tyson.


The victim, Steven John Simmons, had a criminal past, having robbed a Nevada bank using a pistoland was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term. Many details emerged after journalists took a look into Mr. Anthonisen’s and Mr. Simmons’ past, including both having been ex-cons. Jacob Anthonisen served time in an Arizona penitentiary for possession of a half-pound of marijuana, gaining release in 2005. Later that same year, in November, 2007, his step-brother, Steven John Simmons, robbed a Nevada bank using a pistol and was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term. He was displeased with the sentence, and appealed the sentencing to the Nevada Supreme Court, where he lost. He was eligible for parole after serving 60 months of that sentence, so with time off for good behavior and time served, he was released in late 2010 says the Nevada State Department of Corrections’ web site. Mr. Simmons’ step-brother, Jacob Anthonisen, has been missing since at least a week before the body was found in his vehicle. At the time of his arrest for bank robbery, Mr. Simmons was making a living as a snowboarder in a snow park in Mammoth Lakes, California.

The victim, Steven John Simmons, had a criminal past, having robbed a Nevada bank using a pistoland was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term.
Many details emerged after journalists took a look into Mr. Anthonisen’s and Mr. Simmons’ past, including both having been ex-cons.
Jacob Anthonisen served time in an Arizona penitentiary for possession of a half-pound of marijuana, gaining release in 2005.
Later that same year, in November, 2007, his step-brother, Steven John Simmons, robbed a Nevada bank using a pistol and was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term.
He was displeased with the sentence, and appealed the sentencing to the Nevada Supreme Court,
where he lost. He was igible for parole after serving 60 months of that sentence, so with time off for good behavior and time served, he was released in late 2010 says the Nevada State Department of Corrections’ web site.
Mr. Simmons’ step-brother, Jacob Anthonisen, has been missing since at least a week before the body was found in his vehicle.
At the time of his arrest for bank robbery, Mr. Simmons was making a living as a snowboarder in a snow park in Mammoth Lakes, California.
Initially, Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide Detective Frank Carrillo told WeHo News that the case had been “turned over to another law enforcement agency in Orange County.”
He said that, because the investigation “turned up ties to Costa Mesa, LAPD began to share info with that police force.” Subsequently, those “ties” became strong enough for Costa Mesa Police Department Homicide detectives to take over.
The ties? “We came to believe as part of our investigation that the killing took place in Costa Mesa,” said Detective Carrillo.
Apparently, Mr. Simmons was shot in the Orange County city and his body transported to the border of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.
Det. Carrillo would not say how much time elapsed between the killing and the transportation of the victim’s body, nor did he have any updates from Costa Mesa PD.
In the LA Times article about the homicide, Mr. Simmons’ mother, Candace Simmons, made note of the Costa Mesa connection with these thoughts.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.23.42 PM

Location of SUV with the body wrapped in plastic parked along Willoughby Avenue

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Sweet Rose Creamery Opens Up Beverly Blvd. Location

SR_logo_ColorSweet Rose Creamery — known for long lines of die-hards at it’s Santa Monica location (and they’ve got one in Brentwood too) has finally started serving up amazing ice cream’s and desserts along Beverly Blvd between Curson Av and Sierra Bonita.  We highly –very highly recommend and definitely a welcomed addition to the hood. Check it out. Click Here

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Merchants and Neighbors Frustrated By Sidewalk Feeding Program

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LAPD Wilshire Shares Holiday Theft Prevention Video

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Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch + LAPD Wilshire National Night Out 2013 Huge Success!

NNOsolicitgraphic2013websgraphicMELROSE ACTION NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and The Los Angeles Police Department WILSHIRE COMMUNITY POLICE STATION presented our 5th annual National Night Out 2013 at Poinsettia Park. It was a tremendous success! Together with our great community partners — nearly 1000 people attended… For photos of the event, please visit our Instagram page, follow us on Instagram @melroseaction.
Thank You to Blu Jam Café, Pink’s Hot Dogs, Target, MCW, City of Los Angeles Million Trees Program, Wilshire Community Police Council, Urban Garden Mediterranean Kitchen, Maison Richard, Muscle Mechanics LA, Adventure Boot-camp, Hatzolah Emergency Services, Forever Fido Pet Adoptions, Eloise Rescue, City of Los Angeles Animal Services, Neil Loden of John Aaroe, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and more!!!

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS & SPONSORS – Council Member Paul Koretz’ Office, City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, and the WILSHIRE LAPD and STAFF – especially Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos, Sgt AJ Kirby, Commanding Officer and Captain Eric Davis, and the Wilshire Cadets..

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Another Stabbing Pegged to a Transient, Community Meeting Set for July 17


The Beverly Press has reported that another stabbing has been attributed to a transient.

On June 21, a 27 year old male tourist from Pennsylvania was making a cell phone call in front of a store on Melrose Avenue near Laurel, when a transient rode by on a bike and stabbed the young man in the neck for no apparent reason.

According to LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza, “It doesn’t appear to be a robbery… The guy was bleeding profusely. The business employees called the police and paramedics took him to Cedars. They stabilized him and he is going to recover. It’s fortunate, because it easily could have gone the other way.”

This attack came just three days after a highly publicized incident in which a young woman was stabbed to death at Hollywood and Highland by a mentally ill transient with a long history of violent assaults. As we reported recently, that suspect also worked at the free meal line for transients held every night at the corner of Sycamore Avenue and Romaine Street, near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

In response to these violent assaults by mentally ill transients, Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch has scheduled a meeting about public safety for next Wednesday, July 17, at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held at Blu Jam Cafe, 7371 Melrose Avenue (between Martel and Fuller).

Our area L.A.P.D. Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos will be at the meeting.

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A National Healthcare Predicament Plays Out – Story Reveals Plans For New Care Facility Proposed on Sierra Bonita Ave.

By Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times
Mon May 7 2012 12:00 AM

“If you’re lucky, you’ll find something around $3,500,” said Majid Ali, a 57-year-old acupuncturist whose mother has Alzheimer’s. “More often than not it’s $6,000 to $7,000 per month and up.”
It took Ali two years to find the right place for his mother and her sister, who is deaf. Even with long-term care insurance policies, some facilities were too expensive. Others didn’t provide the specialized dementia care his mother needs.

69795314-1A social worker suggested he visit the homes operated by Raya’s Paradise Inc., which proposed the Sierra Bonita facility. Ali’s mother and aunt now share a room in a Mediterranean-style house with lush landscaping and homey cooking smells wafting from the kitchen. There are weekly exercise classes, and an accordion player drops by to serenade the residents.

“They’re far better,” Ali said. “My mom has moments of being more lucid…. My aunt is a bit more sociable. She has other people to talk to.”

Los Angeles County is one of six in California where low-income seniors who would otherwise be in nursing homes can use their Medi-Cal benefits to help pay for such care.

But the program is expected to serve only about 1,790 people this year, according to the California Department of Health Care Services.

Just 55 of the county’s 1,356 licensed facilities participate in the program. Operators have been slow to sign on, saying reimbursement rates are too low.

Moti Gamburd, executive director of Raya’s Paradise, said sharing staff and amenities at what already could legally be operated as two side-by-side six-bed care homes would help keep costs down. He could charge $2,500 to $5,000 a month and offer at least one bed to a low-income resident at half price, he said.

L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz, who represents the area, said the developer did not do enough to address neighborhood concerns about the facility. “I don’t know how many of them you even want in one neighborhood,” he said.

City planning officials believe the project could encourage other group homes in the area to expand.

“Such a precedent would incrementally begin to erode the low-density character and appearance of the area,” Associate Zoning Administrator Lourdes Green wrote in an Oct. 4 decision rejecting the project.

Robert Cherno, a land use consultant hired by the developer, points to a city ordinance that allows people with disabilities to apply for “reasonable accommodation” to ensure equal housing access. His client should not have had to apply for a variance, a process that took nearly two years and cost $8,843.50, Cherno said.

Another city official agreed with Cherno on the applicability of the law but said in this case a larger facility was not needed to reduce housing barriers. Chief Zoning Administrator Linn K. Wyatt noted in a March 6 decision that the developer already operates five facilities in the vicinity.

Raya’s Paradise has appealed the decision and filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleging discrimination by the city.

The conflict over where group homes should be allowed and how to control them has spread to City Hall. A controversial proposed ordinance would designate licensed care facilities with more than six beds as “public benefits,” meaning they would no longer need special permits to operate in low-density areas if they meet parking, noise and other city standards.

But the same measure could create problems for some smaller homes that can now operate without city or state approval. A provision barring multiple tenant lease agreements in single-family zones could force many to shut down, according to advocates for the disabled.

Koretz said the city needs to find a way to crack down on problem facilities without interfering with ones providing valuable services.

On Sierra Bonita, some residents now wonder if opposing the Alzheimer’s home was the best course. Like her neighbors, Rita Tateel had concerns about the project. Then she agreed to tour one of the other facilities operated by Raya’s Paradise.

“I have to say what they did there is beautifully done,” she said. “You can’t even tell that it’s a care facility from the outside.” She started thinking of her 92-year-old mother-in-law.
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