The Melrose/Beverly/Fairfax/La Brea/La Cienega Corridor Senior Lead Officer Inga Wecker is your community police officer from L.A.P.D.’s Wilshire Division. Contact her for non-emergency issues that relate to crime and safety in our community.

The S.L.O. (Senior Lead Officer) position is defined as basic car A71 and has patrol boundaries that include La Brea Avenue on the east, La Cienega Blvd. on the west, Beverly Blvd. on the south and the West Hollywod city line on the north.

As always, if a crime is happening now or for any other emergency, 
call 9-1-1 FIRST

To reach your local LAPD  Senior Lead Officer Inga Wecker, call her for non-emergency issues at (213) 793-0708.

Note that Officer Wecker’s work schedule varies. If you call her and she does not answer or respond back promptly it is possible you have reached her while on assignment or on her day(s) off. Be sure to leave a message and she will make every attempt to return your call once she’s available and back on duty. You can also contact her via email by clicking here – Email Officer Inga Wecker

Your Local LAPD Police Station For Our Area Is:

Wilshire Community Police Station
Front Desk (213) 473-0476
4861 West Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90019
For a link and directions to L.A.P.D. Wilshire Station  Click Here 

To Reach The Senior Lead Officer Sergeant and Supervisor – the Wilshire Basic Car Coordinator:  Call (213) 922-8267


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