Shopping For Security? What to Look For When Considering a Home Video Security System

Security-Camera-iconThis is a fact — Home video surveillance equipment isn’t just for the wealthy or just for business owners anymore. Anyone looking to protect their home, property, and family should consider buying home surveillance equipment. This once very expensive and hard-to-operate equipment has become considerably less expensive in price,

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Protect Your Mobile (And Other) Devices – What You Can Do

official-apple-logo-pngHow to secure your Apple Products (Android will be featured in a separate post)

There are simple solutions available now that can help you safeguard your mobile devices in case of theft or even if you loose them.  

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When To Call 9-1-1

If there is an EMERGENCY, call 9-1-1. Crimes in progress such as a burglary, robbery, a fight, or anything life threatening are considered an EMERGENCY

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Terrorism – What You Need To Know


No matter how well trained and vigilant, law enforcement simply cannot be everywhere. Your eyes and ears are needed. After all, you know best what activities in and around your neighborhood,

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Your Neighborhood Fire Station


In case of an EMERGENCY Such As Fire or Medical Emergency, Call 9-1-1

For Your Safety, Melrose Action Wants You To Know Our Neighborhood Fire Station Location and Information

Los Angeles Fire Department
Fire Station 41
1439 North Gardner Street
Los Angeles CA 90046-4101

This fire station is located on Gardner Street between Fountain Avenue and Sunset Blvd.

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How To Report A Crime


If You Were A Crime Victim, What Should You Do Now?
If you were the victim of a crime, the following information might be helpful to you.

Los Angeles Police Department
Wilshire Area Police Station
Front Desk (213) 473-0476
4861 West Venice Boulevard
Just East of La Brea Av.

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Help Combat Graffiti – City of L.A. Offers Reward


The City of Los Angeles offers a reward for information resulting in the identification, apprehension and conviction or final adjudication of persons committing the act of graffiti vandalism or illegal dumping. You must have been involved in the conviction or final adjudication in order to qualify for this reward.

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Report A Crime…Stay Anonymous

Report A Crime…Stay Anonymous